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07 February 2012 @ 02:06 am
The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants Pt 6  
Another short but sweet chapter. Warning there is some het sex in this part but it's a vital plot point here so bear with it.

Ben’s POV

“Ohhh Ben! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! You’re filling my cunt up so good, love it when your big dick is inside me!” Shaye yelled out as I penetrated her repeatedly. I was getting off on her dirty mouth as much as from her pussy, which wasn’t as tight as it once was if I was being honest. I grunted a few times from the exertion and she whispered “Oh yeah, I’m getting so close.” I knew what that meant and I sucked a finger into my mouth for a minute before I moved it down to her asshole and without much resistance slipped it inside of her. She moaned out as I moved my finger, getting up to the knuckle before she started coming. Her pussy tightened it’s grip on my dick and her juices increased as she fingered her clit to reach the high she wanted. With her walls contracting around me I started to come into the condom with a long, loud groan. The constant contractions around my dick had me coming for the next minute; after which Shaye was also done, laying boneless on top of me.

After a minute she climbed off of my dick which was now soft and said “Fuck, that was good. I’m gonna masturbate to that later for sure.”

I laughed and she smiled at me as she climbed from my bed and made her way to my bathroom. I heard her grab a towel from the closet and turn on the shower. I sat in bed for another minute before I had to get up and take off the full condom. I tied it off and threw it in the trash can by my bed. I wiped my dick off on my sheet and let myself fall asleep for a short nap. Shaye would let herself out after she showered and dressed, we had this routine down to a science at this point. Good sex, then she’d leave and I’d nap.

But routine would not be on today’s menu I realized when she shrieked from the bathroom “Ben come here!”

I got out of bed and pulled on my boxers, knowing that any conversation with Shaye was not one that I’d want to have naked. I walked into the bathroom where she held a toothbrush in her hand.

“What’s this?” she asked.

I took it from her and said “A toothbrush.”

She flipped it to reveal Matt’s name and I revised my statement “Matt’s toothbrush.”

“What’s it doing in here?”

“He stayed over unexpectedly last week so I gave him a toothbrush, which he apparently labelled for next time he stays over.”

“So now he get to stay over and sleep in your room and take up as much space in your bathroom as the person you’re fucking-or should I say one of the people you’re fucking!”

I was a little taken aback by her words and behaviour but I came back strong saying “I’m not fucking Matt-I’m not gay, he’s my goddamn best friend and he’s going through a tough time at home right now, so he can stay over, sleep in my bed and occupy as much space in my bathroom as he fucking wants! Just in case you didn’t get the memo, best friend for 30 years comes in a little higher on the list than random girls I’m fucking!”

Shaye gasped angrily and slapped me across the face before saying “Make that random girl you were fucking-asshole!”

She left the bathroom and went to grab her purse from the bedroom I followed her out, not ready for the fight to be over “Fuckin fine with me, no one really wants to fuck a girl with a pussy as wide as a bowling alley anyways!”

She gave me a seething look as she gathered her stuff and said “Fuck you asshole! Never call me again!” She gave me the finger as she left.

“Like I ever would princess!” I yelled after her. I heard her tromp down the stairs and slam the front door on her way out.

Well, I guess that good thing was over-looking for a replacement would be a bitch. But honestly, who gets upset over a fucking toothbrush. Even if I had fucked him, Shaye and I were fuck buddies which meant no strings attached, we could fuck anyone we wanted on our own time.

I guess I underestimated what a bitch she was-Matt as usual had been right. Still- losing a steady stream of easy, no strings sex was a bitch, but as they say all good things come to an end. I realized I still had Matt’s toothbrush in my hand and took it back to the bathroom, placing it next to mine in the medicine cabinet, then grabbing Shaye’s and throwing it in the garbage.

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pairatimepairatime on February 7th, 2012 02:37 pm (UTC)
I'm really enjoying these stories. I love the way you're slowly building it up and what not. cool
shitfacefuckheashitfacefuckhea on February 8th, 2012 06:08 am (UTC)