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07 February 2012 @ 02:29 pm
The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants Pt 7  

Ben’s POV

Matt came over later that night to watch the Red Sox game with me; we watched the game in good spirits as the Sox took the victory that night. After the game I switched to some bullshit show that neither of us was really watching then said “So guess what.”

“Huh?” Matt asked.

“You got your wish; I’m not seeing Shaye anymore. Turns out she was a psycho bitch.”

“Well I could have told you that, in fact I did.” Matt said smiling.

“Shut up smartass.”

“Someone’s pissed.”

“Duh! I lost a perfectly good sex partner all because of you Damon!”

“First of all, how is she perfectly good if she’s a psycho bitch? Second, how could this possibly be my fault?”

“Okay maybe not perfectly good but passable and it’s your fault because your toothbrush started the fucking fight that ended this mutually beneficial relationship.” I said.

“How can a toothbrush end a relationship?”

“I dunno, she got all weird and jealous about you having a tooth brush and staying over-suggested that we were fucking and I cared more about you. Which it’s like why should she care if we were fucking-being fuck buddies means no strings.”

“Okay so you had a spat but how did it end things completely between you.”

“Cause I basically told her you were more important to me than her whether or not we were fucking and that her pussy wasn’t tight in a few more off color phrases.”

“So basically you fucked it up all by yourself and now you are blaming it on me.” Matt said.

“Maybe...but you still started it so you’re not guilt free.”

“Sorry for labelling things.” Matt said shrugging his shoulders.

I had to laugh at that and say “Dick!” punching him in the arm affectionately.

He smiled at me and said “Sorry about the sex but you know I’m not sad to see her gone.”

“Yeah well, it’s probably for the best the only problem is now I have to replace her.”

“Yeah well I could ask Clooney if he knows anyone who would be interested in something similar.” Matt said.

“You think he’d do that for me?” I asked grinning.

“No. He’d do it for me-you just get to reap those benefits cause we are tight. I’ll look into it for you but be forewarned I’m interviewing all these girls before you get to meet them. I’m not getting stuck with another bitch. Or maybe I’ll pick a Russian girl so I can’t understand her bitchiness-the only words she’ll know are ‘we make fuck now’.”

Matt collapsed into a fit of laughter after that statement. I just shook my head at him. When he recovered from his fit he grinned up at me and said “There’s something I’ve always wanted to do when you got rid of someone I didn’t like.” He got up off the couch and started to sing ‘Ding dong the witch is dead’ and dance around the room. I had to laugh at his antics. When he came back to sit on the couch I grabbed him and gave him a noogie he slipped out of my grip and waged a war, wrestling me to the ground. We grappled with each other for a few minutes giggling like school girls the whole time until I pinned him.

“Gotcha.” I said.

He tried to get out of my grip but I effectively stopped that by lying on top of him, putting all my weight onto him. I grinned from atop him and he sighed in defeat. I just kept laying on him.

“Okay get off of me.” Matt said.

“Nu uh.” I said childishly.

He struggled against me and said “C’mon get off,” pushing against my chest.

I shifted slightly because of the way he pushed me my arm brushing his groin and I realized instantly that he was hard-no wonder he had wanted me off him. I was a fucking idiot how had I not felt it before.

I cleared my throat strangely, and then I heard Violet’s voice from behind me “Dad?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw her staring at us from the bottom of the stairs. I got up off of Matt and said “Hey Vi what are you doing up?”

“I just wanted to get some water, what are you and Uncle Matt doing?”

“Just uh wrestling, seeing if your old man could take someone down-making sure I can take out any boys who try to date you.”

“Dad!” Violet said dramatically.

“Violet!” I said back in the same dramatic tone. She rolled her eyes at me and walked into the kitchen to grab her water. I looked back at Matt who had got up off the floor by now.

“I think I should get home now.” Matt said blushing.

“Yeah, “I said then pause “Is Lucy still not...?”

“I don’t want to talk about okay. Bye Violet.”

Violet came back out of the kitchen and ran up to Matt demanding a hug. He picked her up and gave her one, then set her back down. I got the door for him and Violet said “Bye Uncle Matt.”  He waved at her as he walked to his car.

I closed the door and got Vi back to bed before taking myself to bed, stripping down to my boxers. I was really getting worried about Matt and Lucy; I never dreamed things would be bad for this long between them. Maybe I would talk to her and see if I couldn’t help fix things. I didn’t want him to end up a miserable bastard like I was. Besides if he was getting me a new bed mate it was the least I could do. I drifted back to sleep hoping that I could make things better.

The next day I waited till 2pm when I knew Matt was shooting across town and then went over to his house to have a chat with Lucy. I rung the bell and she answered quickly, her smile fading when she saw it was me. “Hey Luce, can I come in-I brought pastries.”

She gave me a false half smile and said “Sure come in.”

We made our way to the couch in the living room to sit and converse. “So I haven’t seen you in a while how’s things with the kids?”

“Don’t pretend you came over here to talk to me about my kids-say what you came to say.”

“Fine-I’m concerned about you and Matt. He told me you haven’t had sex in three and a half months and I know for Jen and I the end of the sex was the beginning of the end of our relationship.”

“That fucking asshole, he shouldn’t have told you nothing! It’s none of your business what we are or aren’t doing in the bedroom.”

“Lucy, he’s not telling me for shits and giggles-he’s worried about the two of you. He knows he let you down when your Mom passed but he loves you, wants to be with you and he’s making an effort. Trust me as a guy 3 ½ months is like an eternity-one he’s willing to give up to wait for you to feel better about him.”

She sighed “I know you’re right, but I’m just having a hard time forgiving him. I don’t know how to get over it, he hurt me in a way I never thought he could, and he just keeps going to work all the time which is what upset me in the first place.”

“So you want him to quit his job.”

“No! I just want him to take some time off.”

“You know he’s got commitments he can’t just get out of. You’re not the only one that depends on him-every film he does, hundreds of people depend on him to show up so they can make a pay check and support their families. He’s not a guy that’s just able to forget that-even if he did quit a few he would be thinking of that shit instead of being present.”

“What do you want from me- I can’t think about all those people, this is about Matt and I and if he doesn’t get that this is more important than all that then I don’t know if we’re gonna be okay.”

“Lucy don’t say that-please just give him a chance to prove you are the most important person in his life.”

“I don’t wanna talk about this, I think you should leave.” I sighed and got up and let myself out wondering if I had just made things worse or better.

I went home after that then picked up the kids from school and the youngest from pre-school. I started to make supper when I got a call on the house phone.

“Hello?” I said.

“Fuckin asshole, what did you say to Lucy?”


“What the fuck did you do?”

“Is she pissed?”

“She won’t even talk to me she just keeps saying ask Ben.”

“I didn’t try to fuck things up...I went over there to try and help. I told her you loved her and she should give you a chance to prove to her that she’s the most important thing in your life. She wants you to take time off to prove it.”

“I can in about a year when I’m not contractually obligated for anything.”

“ I told her that-she was pissed you told me about the sex thing.”

“Fuck her, she’s not gonna fuck me, I can tell anyone I want.”

“Don’t say that, don’t act like you don’t care.”

“Fine I fucking care but what am I supposed to do.”

“I dunno, maybe she wants a grand gesture like take her to Paris for the weekend. I’ll take care of the girls if you want.”

“Really man you sure?”

“Yeah man, do what you gotta do to make it up to her.”

“Okay thanks man I’ll let ya know when to be ready for the circus.”

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