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07 February 2012 @ 04:18 pm
The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants Pt 9  

Ben’s POV

It had been about a week and a half since Matt had promised me a replacement for Shaye and it was the day before he left for Paris when he had set up for this new girl to come over tonight. Blind date fuck buddies was a new and scary world and I was sweating  as the time for her to come drew near.

The doorbell rang and I jumped up to open it, both excited and nervous, but mostly wanting to get it over with. Upon opening the door I was surprised to see not a woman named Stacy but a rather handsome kid, who was probably around 25.

“Hello?” I said uncertainly.

“Hi I’m Mark, Matt sent me.”

“Okay...so are you like a rep for Stacy or something?”

“Who’s Stacy?”

“Who are you?”

“Mark Spears.”

“Why are you here Mark?”

“Matt didn’t tell you?”


“I’m here to fuck you-ya know be your new fuck buddy.”

“Oh my God!” I said in horror, that asshole. “I don’t know what Matt told you kid but I’m not gay, he’s playing some fucking elaborate prank on me, Clooney probably put him up to it.”

“I don’t know about all that dude, I’m just here to fuck.”

“Sorry to tell you Mark but it’s not gonna happen.”

“Man I don’t get paid if I don’t fuck so I dunno what you wanna do.”

“Kid don’t worry I’ll pay you whatever they said for you not to fuck me, okay.”

“You sure you don’t want me to like just blow you-you look wound pretty tight man, and then you could save your money.”

I was about to say no when I looked at the kid. He was blonde, same blonde as Matt was 20 years ago. A memory of Matt sucking me came back, me watching his head move in my lap. It had been so hot and suddenly I was hard and the argument went out of me.



“A blow job would be nice.”

“Cool man, sit down and give me some space to work.”

I pulled down my pants and slid a condom on to my dick-I didn’t know where this kid had been. I sat down on my couch and he kneeled between my thighs and quickly got to work sucking my dick into his mouth. He was a pro and quickly took me down to the root, moving his tongue over me and hollowed his cheeks. I moaned out threading my fingers in his hair and looking down at his blonde head, imagining it was Matt’s. I moaned out, hot from this kid’s expertise and the memories of Matt doing this to me on the shitty couch at our shitty apartment while Casey was out. The memory of him smiling up at me after he had swallowed my come was what got me and I started to come into the condom. The kid pulled back and finished me off with his hand. When I was done I closed my eyes and leaned back against the couch exhausted.

Mark let go of my dick and got up off the floor. I opened my eyes and said “Thanks Mark, pleasure doing business with you.”

“No problem man, sucking off a hot guy is one of the better days of gigolo work I’ve done. I hope you’ll recommend me to George.”

I nodded dumbly as he walked ou the door, leaving me with my pants down around my ankles. I pulled myself together long enough to get rid of the condom and make my way upstairs, then collapsed in bed. Luckily the kid had sucked my brain out through my cock so I didn’t have to stay awake and ponder what it meant that I let him blow me because he looked like Matt.

Matt’s POV

It was 11pm and I was still waiting up thinking that Affleck was gonna call me and give me shit, and we could laugh about how I had got him good.

Suddenly, my phone rang and I rushed to pick it up, composing myself so I didn’t immediately burst into laughter.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey Matt, it’s Mark.”

“Oh...hey Mark what’s up?”

“Not much I just wanted to know how you wanted to handle the payment.”


“For my services, it’s $300 for the hour. Do you wanna do cash or cheque?”

“Cash, but wait, so he actually used your-services.”

“Well usually I’m not supposed to discuss details but since you are paying for it-he got me to blow him and then I left.”


“So when can I get the cash? Should I pick it up at your house?”

“Oh no, I’ll send it in the mail just give me your address.”

“Mark gave me his address and said “It’s nice doing business with you Mr. Damon, I hope you can refer me if anyone you know is looking for my services.”

“Uhh...sure Mark, it’s been a slice.”

I hung up the phone, mystified that Ben had been desperate enough to go through with it. Then I was pissed all of a sudden so I called to yell at him, but he didn’t pick up so I stormed out of my house and into his; using my spare key when he didn’t answer.I climbed the stairs to his bedroom and found him passed out in his bed. I got on the bed and shook him awake.

“What the fuck Matt?” he said when he was half awake.

“You took a blow job from a gigolo asshole!”

“Yeah, so what, you sent him over here so who is the real asshole.”

I was silent for a moment then said “Still, you-I mean I know we never talk about it but I always thought I was the only guy you liked-that way.”

“Is that what this is about?”

“No! Yes! Maybe...”

“Matt the only reason I let the kid blow me was because he reminded me of you., okay. You are the only guy I like that way, he was just in the right place, right time, when I was at a juncture of desperation.”


“Yes Matt, I promise. Now please let me go back to bed; shouldn’t you be going home to get ready for Paris?”

“Yeah I guess I should. What should I tell Clooney, he set this thing up.”

“Tell him I was horrified and didn’t accept.”



“I’m really glad you didn’t like him for him.”

“You don’t have to worry about me falling for another guy okay. I’ve met plenty of attractive guys and they don’t do anything for me.”

“Good-alright I’m gonna go now-just to let you know the real girl George set up for is gonna come on Tuesday.”

“So you didn’t totally fuck me on this deal?”

“Nope, not totally; although, tonight was less of a bust for you than I had imagined it would be.”

“Yeah well I make do.”

“Was it good-the blow job?”

“It was good, the kid obviously had some experience, but not as good as how you used to do it.”

I blushed though he couldn’t see it in the darkness and said “Thanks...Okay I really gotta go, Lucy’s gonna be wondering what the hell I’m doing.”

“Bye.” Ben said as I walked away. I locked the door to his place and adjusted myself on the way to my car, Ben’s last comment having stirred some excitement in my pants. I guess I would be jerking off again tonight.

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