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12 September 2012 @ 04:56 pm
The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants Pt 10  
Warnings: NC-17, Threesome,M/M/F

Ben’s POV

Matt and Lucy were coming back from Paris today and thank god because as much as I loved his girls, they were a handful even with Alexia helping me out. My kids seemed mellower somehow so it was a relief when they rung the bell to my house.

“Hey guys, come on in the girls are all in the backyard running around.”

They followed me to the backyard where the kids were playing kickball-Alexia having organized it.

“Do you guys wanna stay for a drink?” I asked.

“No we need to get home.” Lucy said.

“Okay Matt and I will take the girls stuff to the car, you just chill.”

I dragged Matt to the living room where I had put all the girls stuff that morning. We grabbed as much as we could and went out to the car and he popped the trunk with his key fob.

“So how did it go?” I asked rather cheekily.

“Well we did have sex.” Matt said without enthusiasm.

“Alright man, see I knew if you just made her feel special you guys would be fine.”

“We’re not….fine-the sex it wasn’t good. She could barely get wet and I couldn’t come, neither did she.


“Don’t say anything, I don’t even know what to say and no we didn’t talk about it.”

“Okay man, let’s just finish packing the car, we don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to.”

“Thanks man.”

Ben’s POV

It had been about a month since Matt had gotten back from Paris. I had started up with Stacey a week later and we had found a good rhythm of fucking twice a week. She was a hot blonde who kind of reminded me of Gwyneth, she was a nice girl, not that we talked much. She was dirty as fuck too I could see why George liked her. She fucked me against the front door one day and then put her clothes back on and left. Life was good, Jen had moved on with a guy who was a writer and I was really happy for her. The kids were happy and I was having a good time with work.

I was sitting down with the kids to watch ‘Finding Nemo’ when Matt ran into the house like a madman.

“Ben! Ben I need to talk to you.” He said sounding distraught.

I got off the couch and started the movie for the kids saying “Dad will be right back start without me.”

I walked over to Matt and said “Let’s go outside.” We went out on to the deck and I said “What’s up man?”

“She’s cheating on me man!”

“Lucy? Are you sure.”

“Yeah, pretty sure I walked in on her making out with the lawnboy in our room.”

“Okay, okay now I know it’s gonna be hard but you have to calm down.”

“I’m trying man but I’m freaking the fuck out! I’m getting divorced man.”

“Woah, woah, woah man, have you even talked to her about it?”

“No. I saw it and then I drove over here in a panic.”

“Then it’s a little bit early to be throwing around the D word man whether you want to or not you need to have a conversation with her before you throw in the towel.”

“Things have been so bad between us for the past five months man we barely talk anymore I don’t see how we could possibly fix this.”

“I’m not saying you can or you can’t I’m just saying that you’ve been together long enough that you owe her a conversation at least okay.”


“Good now go home and have that talk and call me in the morning.”

“Okay. Thanks Ben, you are the best friend in the world.”

“I know, now go so I can watch Nemo for the 36th time.”

Matt laughed at that and I took him to the front door and hugged him before he left.

Matt’s POV

I walked into our bedroom where Lucy was sitting on the bed reading a magazine. I walked over and sat in a chair across from her and clenched my hands together and said “We need to talk.”

“Right now? I’m tired.”

“Yes! Right here and right goddamn now!”

She was taken aback by my angry words and visibly flinched but then said “Okay, what do we need to talk about.”

“I saw you with him this afternoon.”

“With who? What are you talking about?”

“I saw you in here kissing that fucking lawn boy and I want a goddamn explanation.”

“He is not a lawn boy he is a Gardner named Jesus.”

“I don’t fucking care! Why were you kissing him?”

“Because I love him!” she yelled at me.

Ouch that fuckin hurt. I think I felt my heart stop for a minute. Even though things had been bad I never imagined it would get to this point where my wife would be telling me she loved another man. She must have seen the crestfallen look on my face because she quieted then said “I’m sorry.”

“Why? How?” I asked.

“Why… because you weren’t there for me after my mother died. You knew how close we were. You put all the movie people before me and no matter how many times you apologize for it; it doesn’t make it better because you let me down big time. I had no one to talk to because you were always at work. Jesus found me crying one day and he comforted me even though we were mostly strangers. It seemed like he cared more than you did. We started talking and I found out he was from Argentina too and we had a lot in common and I could tell he liked me but we never did anything until after Paris. After that horrible experience I just knew something had to change. So I’ve been going out with Jesus and we’ve kissed a few times.”

I was surprisingly calm when I asked “All I wanna know is why you didn’t just tell me it was over after Paris?”

“I don’t know Matthew, I guess I didn’t wanna say it, after so long together it’s hard. Plus I felt like it was obvious after that trip. It was so awful Matt and I know you know that.”

“Yeah I knew, I guess I didn’t want to be the one to say it’s over either.”


“So I guess this is it, we’re getting divorced.”

“Yeah I guess we are.”

“Okay well it’s late so I’m gonna go sleep at Ben’s tonight and I will talk to you about this tomorrow and we’ll file the paperwork and soon as possible.”

“Okay-Matt there’s part of me that will always love you.”

“Me too Lucy-night.”

I left my house and my daughters and wife behind and drove in silence to Ben’s house. I didn’t bother with the bell, just used my key and made my way into his bedroom. He was asleep so I just stripped down to my boxers and climbed in next to him nudging him to wake up when I got close enough. He opened his eyes slowly and he said “Matt?

“I’m getting a divorce Ben, she’s been dating the lawn boy-she loves him.”

“Oh Matt, I’m sorry. I’ve been such an asshole trying to make you fight for it when all along…”

“No. I’m glad I tried otherwise I would hate myself forever but I’m scared Ben, my whole life is gonna change.”

“Yes it is but not necessarily in a bad way Matt. Face it the last 5 months have sucked so things can only get better from here.”

“As long as my career doesn’t suddenly go to shit.”

“It won’t Matt, you are brilliant and if it did I would put you in my movies and make it a come back story. I love you and it’s gonna be okay.”

“Ben will you hold me I just need to feel safe.”

“I’ll do anything you want,” said Ben pulling me into his arms, my head pulled against his chest and he cradled me as we fell asleep.

Ben’s POV

I woke up with Matt in my arms and for a second I was transported back to his college dorm room. I would always go up to Harvard on weekends and visit him-when we weren’t going for auditions. We would fuck like bunnies when I got there and fall asleep with our limbs tangled together the next morning. That had been when things got truly serious between us. I knew when I was 15 that I loved Matt but until he went to Harvard when I was 16 he didn’t really understand how important us was, until he started to miss me like crazy and realize that no matter how many smart, beautiful Harvard girls he dated what he really wanted was me-cute, dumb Ben.

I remembered that so many times Casey wanted to come up to see Matt with me and once in a while I agreed but mostly I had said ‘No’ week after week. Not that Matt didn’t like seeing Casey, he did, he was like a younger brother to Matt too. It just made things harder-we had to sneak kisses when Casey wasn’t looking and fuck in the dead if night when Casey was asleep  on the floor trying not to wake him.

Those had been good times when we just were Matt and Ben-no one needed to know but us. We liked it that way no one could judge us and we were free in a way even though affection was mostly limited to a 12x20 dorm room, it didn’t matter we had a love nest.

I had loved him so much it almost hurt, it did hurt when I wasn’t with him during the week the only thing that got me by was our nightly phone calls which mostly consisted of us telling eachother we missed the other and then us jerking off with each other over the phone. I could never forget the way he sounded when he was about to come, his breath hitching an expletive leaving his mouth and then a low groin that went on and on as he shot his load. Then he had been left panting, as was I usually-he always said thanks after he got off. Typical Damon politeness fucking ingrained into him by his mom.

Matt pulled me out of my memories by stirring beside me. He narrowly missed hitting me as he stretched his arms above his head. “Woah man.” I said.

He opened his eyes and looked at me grinning and saying “Sorry.”

“It’s okay-how are you feeling today?”

“Actually a lot better, I feel…relieved. I have been in limbo for so long that I’m just happy that I know what’s going on. I’m sad but now I can start moving forward and that feels really good.”

“I’m glad. So what are you up to today?”

“Going to work without feeling guilty for once and then I get to go discuss details of the divorce with Lucy which I’m sure will be uber fun.” He said making a face.

“Will you be back in time for supper with me and the kids?”

“You want me to come back?”

“I just assumed you would stay here until you figured things out a little more. You know you can bring the girls to stay here too if you want to spend time with them for more than the days.”



“That’s so generous..thanks Ben.”

“No problem, the kids would love it, just be one big sleepover.”

“Yeah…Well I better get up and shower my call time is in an hour.”

“Okay you can borrow some clothes if you need.”

“You and I both know nothing of yours will fit me right you lanky motherfucker. Besides I’ll just get put into wardrobe once I get there anyways so there’s no real point.”

“Very true. You can shower in here I’m gonna go get the kids up so they are ready for school.”

“Okay. Thanks again.”

“Stop thanking me, you’re my best friend this is just what you do for your best friend.”

“Sorry-you know how I am.”

“Yeah I do, now go get into the shower.”


Matt’s POV

I finished up filming at about 3pm and I managed to escape set soon after and drove over to my house. Lucy answered the door when I rang the bell and let me in. We went to the couch in our living room and she brought me a coffee before we settled in.

“So what do you want?” I asked.

“The house to start with.” Lucy said.

“That’s fine I want the kids to be splitting time 50/50.”

“Fine-I want you to continue to pay for all the children’s expenses –school, after school activities, clothes.”

“I have no problem doing that as long as you submit all those bills to my accountant. I don’t want to see a size 2 Gucci dress on my bill.”

“Fine. I want the $5 Mill we agreed on in the prenup.”

“Fine. Now are you done with your demands?”

She shook her head “I want my car and wardrobe.”

“Lucy I’m not trying to screw you over, of course you can keep those.”

“Good to hear it.”

“This is what I want-both of the other houses, for you to pay the taxes and utilities for this place, all of my other cars, us to be able to see each other socially so we can get together with the girls and be there for them; and I want you to fire Jesus I don’t care if you keep seeing him but I don’t want him around my kids everyday when you just started seeing each other-they aren’t even close to ready for a new man in their life when they don’t even know we’re done.”

“I guess that’s fair.”

“Good which leads me to my next point-what and when are we gonna tell the kids?”

“We have to tell them soon they are gonna notice you aren’t around here.”

“Let’s have dinner tomorrow and tell them. We’ll say we still love each other and that we’ll still be a family but that we’ve grown apart and want different things.”


“Okay I’ll call my lawyer to print up the details and send it over to you lawyer. You look it over and it it’s all good we’ll file by next week.”

“Sounds good. Matt…thank you for this I’m glad we can be civil.”

“Me too- and Lucy things will get better between us as time goes on.”

“I know.” She led me to the door and we hugged before I left.

I got back to Ben’s house at around 5pm and walked right into the kitchen where Ben was cooking. “Smells good.” I said.

“Thanks. How did it go with Lucy?”

“Good it was pretty painless, we are telling the kids tomorrow which is gonna be hard.”

“Oooh yeah it is but they will recover and as long as you two are okay they will be too.”

“Good to know. Now can I help with anything?”

“Sure you could set the table and round up the girls they are in their rooms.”

“Okay.” I did as he asked and soon we were all sitting down at the table.

Ben looked at all the kids and said “Guys Uncle Matt is going to be staying with us for a while. Him and Aunt Lucy are going through what Mommy and me did. They still love each other but they’re not gonna live together anymore.”

“Yay!” Sera said “I Love it when Uncle Matt is here he always plays dollies with me.”

I smiled at her and then we dug into the awesome food. After supper I realized I still hadn’t gotten any clothes from my house that afternoon so I needed to go shopping to grab something until tomorrow night. There were a bunch of little shops near our houses so I booted over there and picked out a new outfit and some boxers. A couple hundred dollars later I went back to Ben’s. He was in the living room watching the news when I got back.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey.” He replied.

“Where are the kids?”

“In bed.”

“Yeah, it’s not gonna be like that for long though teenagers don’t go to bed before 11.”

“Well then I hope they stay this age forever cause I am wiped now.”

“Scoot over you are taking up the whole couch you lanky bastard.”

“Your just jealous shorty.” He said as he moved.

I sat down next to him and we watched the news in silence until 10pm.

“Alright I’m going to bed.”

“Okay I’m not tired yet but I’ll be up in a half hour.” I said.

“Oh I made up the guest room for you today so no need to rush, you can just go in there whenever you are ready.”

“Oh...I’m sleeping in the guest room now.”

“Well yeah I figured you would want your own room since you’re staying for a while.”

“Yeah…that makes sense; okay you know what I think I’m tired after all.”
I went to my room feeling sad. I don’t know what I had thought I should have known that I wasn’t going to sleep in his bed forever. We weren’t a couple, he was just being a good friend by comforting me last night. So I dragged myself to bed and fell into a fitful sleep.

Ben’s POV

The kids were all at school, Matt was at work and I was at home waiting on Stacey to get here. The doorbell rang and I went to greet her. She greeted one with a smile and a “Hey Ben.”

“Hey Stacey, nice to see you. Come on in.”

She followed me in, setting her purse by the door. She had a DVD in her hand and I asked “What’s that?”

“Porn. I thought we could watch some together.”

“I don’t have a DVD player in my bedroom.”

“Then we’ll just have to fuck on the couch won’t we?” she said giving me a dirty grin.

I smiled right back and popped in the porn tape then went to sit on the couch with her.

The porno started out with a guy and a girl making out on a bed. Stacey started to kiss at my neck as the two ‘actors’ started to remove their clothing. Stacey rubbed me through my pants and I let out a small groan. The guy in the movie laid the girl down on the bed and started fucking her.

I turned to face Stacey and kissed her and gripped her tits in my hands. She moaned at me and we broke apart and started to remove our clothing. Once we were naked I pulled her into another kiss then I laid her down on the couch and stuck my fingers into her slowly.

Her pussy was wet and tight around my fingers. I moved my lips apart from hers and moved my head down to her breast to suck on it. I loved doing this; it reminded me of when Jen had been breastfeeding. Sometimes she would get so full of milk when we were away from the baby that I would have to suck on her tits and drink the milk to relieve some of the pressure. It had always made me crazy horny.

Stacey moaned out obviously enjoying the attention I was giving her breasts. After a few minutes I moved my mouth away from her breasts and licked a path down her stomach, all the way to her pussy. I removed my fingers from her and started to eat her out.

She opened her legs wide to allow me room to work. I worked her with my tongue for long moments and soon enough she was coming onto my tongue; boxing my ears with her thighs.

After she released my head I pulled back to get in a better position to fuck her. I caught a glimpse of the TV where the girl was now joined by two men who were sharing her. One fucking her from behind while the other fucked her from the front; kinky I thought for a moment before Stacey snapped me back to reality by pushing me back down on the couch and climbing onto my dick. I groaned out and pushed back into her pussy as she rode me hard. Her tits bounced as she moaned out above me. She was the very vision of sexual appeal. I moved my fingers to tickle her clit and she moaned out pinching her own nipple to increase her pleasure.

All of a sudden the door clicked open behind us. “Shit!” I yelled out, pushing Stacey off of my dick and grabbing the blanket from the back of the couch to cover her up-I had told Olga I didn’t need her to help with the girls today! I looked over to the entrance and saw that it was not Olga but Matt. Stacey sat up on the couch to see who it was and saw him too.

“I thought you were at work until 7?” I said.

“They decided to work on different scenes. Sorry I didn’t know I’ll uh just go to my room.” Matt said.

“Yeah I’m sorry too.”

Matt started to walk past us to go up to his room but Stacey grabbed his arm on the way by.

“You could go upstairs and pretend this never happened or…you could join us.” She said to Matt.

We were all silent while the porn continued to play, the girl on the screen now screaming out her pleasure. I looked back at the screen and saw the woman still being fucked by both guys.

I realized that this was her fantasy, she wanted to be fucked on both ends and this scenario had just fallen into her lap perfectly.

I looked at Matt and looked at his crotch where there was an extremely large bulge in his jeans. I looked to his eyes again and saw he was staring at me, searching for permission to allow this. I thought for a moment before I nodded my head at him.

“I’ll stay.” Matt said and Stacey smiled lasciviously.

“Good.” She said “Now let’s get you out of those confining clothes.”

Matt lifted his arms as she removed his t-shirt. She kissed him when she got it off forcing her tongue into his mouth. When she broke from the kiss she grinned again and then moved her hands to his pants. His belt was flung away, zipper and button down in seconds she pulled his jeans down his muscled thighs and let him step out of them. She got to her knees to remove his underwear. His cock popped out and she groaned at the sight and took his dick into her mouth. Not for the first time I experienced a little bit of dick envy, my 6 ½ inches seeming inadequate compared to his 8.

I quickly got over that though when I realized how hot this was I gripped my dick and started to jerk off watching her blow him. He had his lip caught in his teeth and his eyes closed and his fingers in her hair. When Matt let out a loud groan she pulled back and said “We better save it, this is not the way I want you coming. Ben get your hand off your dick too.”

How did she even know I wondered but did as she said. She got off the ground and said “Now boys I want you both to fuck me so who’s taking the front and who’s taking the back?”

Matt looked at me and said “I’ll take whatever man, she’s your girl, you decide.”

“I want to fuck her ass.” I said.

“Okay,” he said.

Stacey sighed in joy and walked over to her purse and grabbed a box of condoms and a bottle of lube. Then upon remembering Matt’s dick was bigger than mine she said “Shit I bought these for Ben, I’m not sure they’ll fit you.”

“I have some in my room,” Matt said “I’ll go get them.” He ran up the stairs naked in search of condoms.

Stacey turned back to me and said “You might as well get me lubed up while we wait. She laid down on the couch on her hands and knees while I grabbed the lube. I spread it across my fingers and stuck first one, then two into her, stretching her.

Matt walked back into the room again when I had 3 fingers inside her and she was moaning at the sensation. She saw him and said “Okay that’s good enough. Come over here Matt.”

I pulled my fingers from her ass as Matt walked over to us. “Condoms on boys,” she said.

We both unwrapped a condom and slid them on. Stacey got off her half laying position and said to Matt “You’re on bottom,” and directed him to down on the couch. She grabbed his hard dick and guided herself onto it while in a kneeling position. She moaned when he was fully inside her. “I really like your dick Matt, it’s nice and big.”

“Thanks,” he said shyly.

I laughed softly and she said “Ben get behind me and push your dick into me.” I did as she said and she moaned out once she was full from both ends. We stilled but she said “Okay boys this is the time when you fuck me.”

We gave each other a look over her shoulder and started thrusting into her. We built a rhythm together to give her the most pleasure possible. We thrusted into her for about five minutes before I felt the familiar tingle in my balls; “I’m getting close,” I said for him just as much as her.

Our eyes locked even with her between us and he said “Me too,” then bit his lip.

“Me three,” Stacey moaned out.

I put my lips on her shoulder while Matt kissed her lips again. We thrusted for about a minute more before Stacey screamed out her orgasm beginning. Her ass squeezed me tight and I could tell her pussy squeezed Matt too because he groaned as did I. We kept fucking her as we started to come, Matt’s breath hitching “Fuck” escaping his mouth and then a long grunt as he rode out his orgasm inside her.

Watching him come set me off completely and I grunted- stilled, then fucked her harder as I spilled into the condom.

When I was finished I was covered in sweat and panting. I carefully pulled out of her and moved to sit on the end of the couch at Matt’s feet. Stacey grunted at my exit but lifted herself off Matt a few seconds later. Matt just lay there as Stacey stood trying to catch his breath. The condom he wore was dripping she had gotten it so wet.

“Thanks boys,” she said as she got dressed then left us there “I’d love to stay but I’ve got things to do today.”

I looked at Matt who was taking his condom off. I did the same and we both walked to the waste bin in the kitchen. Our hands brushed as we threw them in and I looked at him while he did the same.

Suddenly I couldn’t stand it anymore, I said “Fuck you’re hot!” and pushed his back against the counter and kissed him hard.

Matt gave just as good as he got and he pressed back with his tongue sliding into my mouth and his arms coming around my shoulders. We started to thrust against each other as we kissed on and on. I was almost fully hard again when the phone ringing broke us out of our reverie.

 Matt pulled out of the kiss and I looked down at the phone. It was the school, I had better pick it up so I grabbed it and said “Hello?”

“Mr. Affleck?”


“It’s after school, your children are waiting for you to pick them up.”

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, I’ll be there right away.”

“We’ll be waiting.”

I looked at Matt who was still pinned under me and said “I have to go pick up the kids.”

“Okay. I’ll clean up.”

“Thanks.” I pulled away from him and went and pulled my clothes back on, then ran to the car to go pick up the kids.”

In the car on the way to the school all I could think was fuck, fuck, fuck, what was I doing, what were we doing? We had broken up a long time ago for a very good reason-one that hadn’t changed. But god I wanted to fuck him and obviously he wanted me too. Or did he just want more sex, he had been going through a dry spell, maybe anything could set him off. I hated this I didn’t want to want him, it made everything harder, why couldn’t we just be friends and nothing more, why did I always feel this pull towards him. Would I ever be able to love another person without comparing them to him?

“Goddamn it Matthew!” I said as I pulled into the school pickup zone.