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DamonAffleck Slash

Damon Affleck Slash
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A community for Damon/Affleck RPS and character slash. Of course, the pairings aren't just limited to Ben/Matt and their characters. Any pairings from their "circle" are accepted.

Post stories, ramble about the cute little actor boys, whatever you want. Please keep stories and picture posts behind a cut-tag.

We would appreciate a "[Story Name], by [Your Name]" header in the subject lines of fic postings. It helps when organizing posts into memories. Thanks!

Stories can be posted to the DamonAffleck Slash Archive if you like. It's super-easy.

[RSS Feed] for DASA, if you'd like see on your friends list when new stories are posted to the archive.

Our June '06 movie for discussion was All the Pretty Horses.
Our July '06 movies for discussion were The Bourne Identity & The Bourne Supremacy.
Our August '06 movie for discussion was Armageddon.
Our September '06 movie for discussion was The Brothers Grimm.
Our 2006 new releases discussions: Hollywoodland, The Departed and The Good Shepherd.
Our 2007 new releases discussions: Ocean's 13 and The Bourne Ultimatum.
Our August '07 movie for discussion was Gigli.

Feel free to jump in with your opinions/thoughts about the movies, even if the month is over!