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07 February 2012 @ 03:33 pm
The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants Pt 8  

Matt’s POV

Ben was an awesome friend. I had set up the trip with Lucy and now I was calling Clooney for Ben because I owed him one.

“Clooney here,” he answered.

“Hey George, its Matt.”

“Hey Damon, good to hear from you what’s up man.”

“Well ya know I hate to do this but I gotta aska afavour man.”

“Shocking!” he said laughter in his voice.

“Whatever, I need to ask a favour for Ben.”

“Really? That’s random, does he want me for a film.”

“I’m sure he does but that’s not what the favours about. See he had this good fuck buddy situation worked out after his divorce and I kinda fucked it up for him last week cause this girl hates me and I pissed he off somewhat intentionally, which means he’s got no one to fuck and he’s not really into a relationship right now. So, I was hoping you might know a girl to  set him up with.”

“Affleck can’t find his own pussy?”

“I’m sure he could but I said I’d do this for him before he ever went looking. I thought you might know someone discreet.”

“You know I do, I actually know the perfect girl for him.”

“Good give me her number and I’ll pass it on.”

“I will but how would you like to play a bit of a practical joke on Ben.”

“I never pass up an opportunity to prank people do I?”

“Good. The other day this guy walked up to me and said ‘If you ever want to figure out why you can’t commit to one woman give me a call, I’ll be discreet’ and gave me his card. It says Mark Spears-Gigolo on the card. I laughed so hard I cried but he had already gone. What say we send Mark while he’s expecting Stacy.”

I laughed so hard I almost threw up and said “Yes give me his number I’ll set it up.”

“Good I better hear all about it.”

“You will.” I got all the details and got off the phone with George.